Sales Agent with Wholesale B2B

Building the compatibility of Wholesale B2B with Sales Agent for WooCommerce has a valid reason. We have analyzed that many businesses do not need a sales agent in a case when they initiate services that can easily be handled and managed by themselves.

Sales Agent with Wholesale B2B

Some B2B consultancy agencies require sales agents to calculate commissions, manage agents and their customers, view and edit monthly performance reports, and a lot more. We have obtained positive results right after building the compatibility of Wholesale B2B with Sales Agent for WooCommerce.

It caters to a large number of users and provides them with a quick resolution for building rapport between a client and company. We are highly concerned about this plugin and fill all the gaps that lack improvements.

It helps in the expansion of your digital business instantaneously. Let’s explore the core features of Sales Agent with Wholesale B2B.

  • Calculate the global customers’ commissions that are assigned to the dedicated sales agent.
  • The commission value will be applied to the sales agents based on a percentage.
  • Track the paid commissions for building a payment record.
  • A dedicated dashboard is assigned to each agent for activity management.
  • Agents can add or register their customers via the registration form and assign wholesale roles as per requirement.
  • Sales agents can make purchases within a single click on behalf of their customers.
  • Sales agents can easily purchase products as a customer.
  • The admins are allowed to view the performance summary report of the sales agents.
  • Various sales agents can be assigned to the customers with a single click.
  • Admin can enable the notification on new order placement.
  • Add or update your products’ commission with WooCommerce import/export tools.
  • Allows compatibility with other themes and plugins.

There is a lot more to improve the compatibility options of Sales Agent with Wholesale B2B. It builds a safe and fast environment for receiving and accepting payments globally when it comes to payment.

Moreover, there are roles dedicated to the operations, such as sales agents and admins. Both contain different options and features for achieving the targets and managing the activities.

Global Commission Mechanism

Simply navigate to the Agents → Commission Category. Here, you will see fields to insert details for commission creation.

Insert Name, Slug, Description, and Commission Percentage. Now, click on the ‘Add New Category’ button. Or, if you have already created a commission, you can simply make changes by clicking on the edit button placed under the category name.

Global Commission Mechanism

Here are some other options for managing commission.

  • Export your commission list by navigating to the Commission List on the sidebar. In this option, you can also filter the list by date for exporting CSV file data.
  • Build your commission categories to differentiate.

Bulk Sales

The main purpose of running an online store is to target bulk orders that are not easy to handle all at once. In such a way, the sales agent for WooCommerce does this for you. You can assign agents to target the sales and set a specific commission on each agent.

Performance Tracking

This feature enables both admin and sale agents to track their performance on the dedicated dashboard. They can easily track daily, weekly, and monthly statistics of their generated sales, commission, and other performance logs. Moreover, the specific category-wise logs are shown on the dashboard.

Performance Tracking

The sales agent dashboard is specifically designed to track the record of each agent separately. They can build profiles, check generated revenue, and even export the data in CSV file format.

Agent Management Tools

To manage the agents’ information, specific options are available on this plugin. An admin can easily manage the agents’ data and edit it on requirements. Additionally, the agents can manage their profiles directly from the assigned dashboard, uploaded all the information.


Sales Agent with Wholesale B2B has brought amazing features and functionalities that are not only useful but helping in taking the core plugin to the next level of growth. The integration is relatively successful and robust for the operational level.

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