The ultimate Sales agent management platform for WooCommerce

The perfect WooCommerce extension to manage sales agents and their customers. Sales agent for WooCommerce gives you everything you need to calculate commissions on every order.

WooCommerce businesses need a powerful sales agent management system that automatically calculates sales commissions while keeping track of customers and their data.

Sales Agents can also use various commission rules to collect commissions from sellers. While sales agents can create new customer profiles and keep tracking their orders, the admin can set commission percentage values for sales agents and view important sales data on the dashboard.
Why Choose Us?

Sales Agent for WooCommerce is a ready-to-use sales commission calculator. It saves time and allows you to get started quickly.

For some companies, managing sales agents can be problematic because calculating commissions is a lengthy and tedious procedure. Sales Agents for WooCommerce can routinely calculate sales commissions while tracking customers and their statistics.
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Sales Agent for WooCommerce Features

Create New Commission Rule

Set the new commission rule for specific customer or product based on percentage and applicable law

Fixed Commission Rate

Enable your admin to standardized the commission collection as a fix commission depend on the business strategy of the company

Specified Commission Setting

Mutually set commission for various categories and products

Export Commission List

Update your products commission insights with extended export commission list

Create New Customer Profiles

Create Ideal Customer Profile for Your Marketplace Based on the Characteristics

Create Orders for Their Customers

Delight Your Customers With Fastest Service and Easily Manage Your Orders List

View Orders and Commissions

Superquick Tracking for Your Orders and Commissions

Receive Notifications and Emails

Set Up Email Notifications to Get an Notification Upon New Email

Create Commission Categories

Comprehensive Commission Plan and Sales Compensation Model

Commission Category of the Seller

The admin sets various commission rates for every category.

Create and Edit Sales Agent Profiles

Allow Sales Agents to Manage Profiles Consolidate Their Reviews and Transactions

Assign Commission Categories to Sales Agents

Improve Profitability by Implementing a Commission Plan Categories to Sales Agents

Monthly Performance Reports

Monthly Performance Reportsreview the Monthly Performance Report for Sales Performance.

Sales Agent for WooCommerce Pricing

Learn about the Features Each Pricing Plan Has To Offer


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$ 49 00
  • Create commission structure
  • Create agent profiles
  • Calculate commissions
  • Monthly performance reports
  • And much more...


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